SPIFFY POOCHES Rosette’s Dog Cat Puppy Collar Flower Accessory EASTER BUNNY

SPIFFY POOCHES Rosette’s Dog Cat Puppy Collar Flower Accessory EASTER BUNNY

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House Training Dogs

There are many reasons an adult dog may not be house broken. It could vary from a medical condition (a virus or a parasite), to never being taught, to even just a behavioral issue. If your dog is suffering from a medical condition, treatment should solve all house training problems. Most house training issues are behavioral issues and are easily remedied.

The very first step in house training an adult dog is to begin crate training him immediately. Crate training your dog will teach him the boundaries and rules of your home. It is also the most effective aid for house breaking and it provides your dog a safe place to comfortably relax. On top of all of these great things, crate training also gives you a reliable location to leave your dog while you are not home.

The second step in how breaking an adult dog is never leave food and water accessible to your dog all day long. By implementing a feeding schedule, your dog will be eating twice a day, once in the morning once in the evening. Like you, when your dog eats at regular times, he will have to go to the bathroom at regular times.

So now it is time to go outside. To make your life much easier, choose a specific location in your yard you would like your dog to use as his own personal bathroom. This actually gives your dog some more consistency and if you bring him to that specific area every time he has to get to the bathroom, he will quickly become comfortable and much more willing to relieve himself there.

The key to any training is in the praise. All dogs want to please their masters. When your dog behaves in a way that makes you happy, let him know by giving him generous praise (lots of scratches and "good boy!"). When he knows what exactly makes you happy, your dog is much more willing to do what makes you happy.

When you are breaking your dog, you must expect accidents. This is a trial and error process for your dog, so when there is an accident, do not get mad. Make a loud noise to make your dog stop relieving himself. Once he has stopped, calmly and quickly bring him outside to where he is allowed to go potty. When he finishes reliving himself outside, praise him. Be sure to thoroughly clean where the accident was, you do not want you house smelling like doggy poo!

300 Yard Waterproof Rechargeable LCD Electric Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

300 Yard Waterproof Rechargeable LCD Electric Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

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Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

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Choosing a Family Dog

Dogs are man’s best and most loyal friends and associates who like to follow its owner everywhere, whether its intense recreation or resting on the comfortable sofa. Dogs are different just like we are from each other and not every dog likes to perform the same activity. Some are more active than others. Every individual can choose an appropriate dog for himself a more active or more relaxed dog. Below are listed some of the breeds that are most popular in terms of a lifestyle of the owners. We can’t say that are only pure breed dogs are good dogs.

Pure breeds and mixed breeds dog is able to develop some adjustment to the lifestyle of a family or individual living with him, but some need more time and learning or are flexible only to a certain limit.

If you choose a dog for a family with children it’s very important to choose a dog that has a lot of energy to the game, but also a lot of tolerance. Children are often unaware of their power and are able to get hurt. In some cases, children even rely on the dog where a dog takes care of them. Family dog must be tolerant enough to withstand occasional stronger caressing and hauling tail and ears.

Sometimes a dog must have enough patience to the children and play with them, as well as enough power to run in more intense games. Parents should always supervise and teach children proper behavior when they are in contact with dogs.

The children understand that there are a lot of different pure breeds out there as well as mixed breeds. It is important that children know that every dog has individual temperament characteristics. In pure breeds and also in mixed breeds there are good and bad character. No matter what kind of breed you choose you should leave your children alone with the dog to spend some time together and see if that is the dog that your children really want. Below are listed breeds of dogs, which are known to be good with children and are excellent family dogs: Bull type dogs, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Poodle, Irish setter, Schnauzer, Newfoundland, Boxer, Shi Tzu, Mops, Beagle, Airedale, Welsh Sheepdog, Collie, Curly bison, Basset Hound, Carin terrier and Boston terrier.

4PCS Waterproof Pet Shoes Winter Anti-Slip Dog Cat Snow Boots Warm Puppy Booties

4PCS Waterproof Pet Shoes Winter Anti-Slip Dog Cat Snow Boots Warm Puppy Booties

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Dog Separation Anxiety 101

It is good to have a dog that is close to you and a faithful companion. However, it can become a problem when the dog cannot stand to be apart from its owner. Some dogs experience varying degrees of behavioral changes when their owners are not around. Fortunately, this does not happen to many dogs. This article describes dog separation anxiety causes, its symptoms and methods to cure the problem.

Reasons for Dog Separation Anxiety

There are many reasons why a dog has separation anxiety issues.

• Dogs are social animals and live in a pack. They consider their owners as part of the pack; if not their pack leader. Hence, they would like to be with their owners all the time.

• The dogs have over bonded with their owners. They are too reliant and dependent on you for love and affection.

• Each time you go away, you tend to be away from home for some time. As a result, the dog gets anxious as they feel you would be gone for a long time.

• The dog could have recently been separated from its mother or previous owner and has lost confidence.

Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms

If your dog has one or more of the symptoms below, it might be experiencing dog separation anxiety syndrome.

• When it knows you are about to leave, it spins in circles.

• While you are leaving, it whines, cries and barks.

• After you leave, it destroys your property. Examples include tearing off things, scratching doors and windows.

• When you are away, it becomes restless and tends to jump or bark at visitors.

• It eats less food while you are away especially if you are gone for days.

• Dogs may even attempt to run from their house in search of you.

Dog Separation Anxiety Treatment

While there are medications to treat this syndrome, they do not address the root cause. There is no reason why dog separation anxiety syndrome cannot be cured without the need for medication. Try some of the methods below.

• Regularly bond with your dog by playing with it or taking it for a walk. It will tell your dog that they are important to you. Furthermore, after they have spent their energy, they will want to rest alone.

• Give a place exclusively to your dog and let them know it is their spot. It needs to know it has a safe place in which it can relax when you are not around.

• There is no need to make a fuss when you leave or when you return. We could unintentionally be stressing the dog or rewarding the dog when we leave with this behavior.

• When your puppy cries when you put him in the crate, do not reward him by taking him out. Take him out when he is calm and quiet.

• Give the right amount of love and affection to your dog. Do not show too much love to your dog. Ignore it whenever possible but you need to occasionally pay attention to it. You need to be careful not to over ignore it too as this will elevate its anxiety levels.

• Try being away from it for a short while and see how it reacts. If there are no major issues, gradually separate it longer.

• Initiate dog obedience training.

If all the above methods fail and the situation worsens, immediately send your dog for behavioral training.

Pet Care, Dog & Cat Hair Trimmer With Comb and Extra Razors , NEW

Pet Care, Dog & Cat Hair Trimmer With Comb and Extra Razors , NEW

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Free Dogs and Puppies – The High Cost of "Free to a Good Home"

If you take even a cursory glance at your local paper's classified section, Craigslist, or even bulletin boards around your neighborhood, you will see ads and info about free dogs and puppies. "Free to a good home", they often read. There are a number of reasons why people would give an animal away for free.

Often, intentions are good. The person doing the giving might be in an unfortunate family situation where they need to get rid of the animal in a hurry. Or maybe their pet got pregnant unintentionally and they are giving away the litter.

But all too often, the reasons for giving away a free pet are hidden and secret. Beware of these.

# 1 – Disposable pets

The main reason why people give away free dogs and puppies is because they themselves got the animal for free are unwilling to meet the level of responsibility and commitment that a dog requires. The more often a dog is passed from one owner to another, the more difficult it becomes to train that dog and make it a member of your family.

# 2 – Health problems

Free dogs and puppies are rarely up to date on their shots and veterinary care. Many times they have not once even been to a vet. All too often, a free dog is one with a health problem that has been discovered, and the current owner is unwilling or unable to meet the expense of dealing with the issue. This would be a nasty and expensive surprise for you.

# 3 – Behavior problems

Free dogs and puppies are usually in the 'free to a good home' cycle from birth onward. In most cases, no one has taken the time to properly train the dog. Uncommitted owners are likely to give the animal away at the slightest sign of trouble, from minor issues that are easily solved all the way up to big problems that are going to cost you time and money to solve.

When it comes to free dogs and puppies, you get what you pay for. If someone can not afford to pay an adoption fee, how will they be able to afford the regular expenses of pet care? Or vet bills when the animal gets sick?

And if you are going to be serious about your role as a dog owner, your training is going to be a high-priority. You will want to make sure that your dog is in optimal health and temperament before starting your training program. The best advice is to get a dog from a reputable breeder or adoption service. You should only get a dog that is in good health, fixed, and up to date on all its shots. You pay more right in the beginning, but the peace of mind you are buying is priceless. Then your training will be a breeze.

Chiffon and Lace Dog Collar Flower Attachment, Accessory by Focus for a Cause

Chiffon and Lace Dog Collar Flower Attachment, Accessory by Focus for a Cause

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