Saturday, January 22, 2022

Train ANY Dog How To Play Fetch PERFECTLY

How to train your dog to fetch! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at For more daily dog training tips and videos follow @zakgeorge on Instagram: Like me on Facebook! Support my videos by making a contribution […]

How to Train your Puppy 6 Tricks in 1 Day!

Train your Puppy Tricks like roll over, speak, shake and more in 1 day! This video is sponsored by Pupford!  CLICK HERE to get your Training Starter Pack!! CLICK HERE to sign up for my FREE 30 Day Perfect Pup Digital Dog Training Course: CLICK HERE to get Pupford’s AWESOME new freeze dried beef […]

The Demon Husky: Diesel | Full Episode | It's Me or The Dog

Diesel the husky is a dog with a dark side, he’s a perfect dog when his ‘dad’ Jordan is around, but when left with Becky he will hump, jump and bite anyone he can get his mouth on. With his behaviour spiralling out of control, can Dog Training Expert Victoria Stilwell reform the terrifying pooch […]

Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 4 Simple Steps!

One common challenge that dog owners have is that their dog LOVES to jump up on everything. This can be especially difficult if your dog loves jumping up on people! This 4-step training plan will teach your dog to stop jumping up and it will allow you to start rewarding them sooner! Not being worried […]

Puppy with a Dark Side BITES Owner Constantly! | It's Me or The Dog

BRAND NEW: Victoria Stilwell meets Shelby, a Cockapoo puppy who bites his owner constantly! Can Victoria change how this pup sees his owner’s approach? It’s Me or the Dog UK Season 5 Episode 1 #ItsMeOrTheDog #VictoriaStilwell #Positively ▶ Get more dog training tips from Victoria on her official site: ▶To enroll in Victoria’s dog […]

Having trouble with your dog? Watch this dog training video

In this episode Having trouble with your dog? Watch this dog training video Thomas works with a dog owner struggling to gain control on and off the leash. This is a live session recording of Tom Davis at the Upstate Canine Academy. NO BAD DOG MERCH HERE ►►►I do this 100% for YOU the […]

How to Teach your Dog to Stay in 3 Steps Force Free!

How to train your dog to stay! This video is sponsored by Petflow! PETFLOW’S *NEW* OFFER: Enter discount code ZAK30 at checkout to get $10 off your first THREE automatic shipments!!! 😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and […]

Labrador Puppy Learning and Performing Training Commands | Dog Showing All Training Skills

Dog Showing All Training Skills – Our 12 weeks old Labrador Puppy “Buddy” learning and performing basic training commands like Sit, Stay, Shake, High 5, Lie Down, Crawl, Give Paw, Spin, Bark and other training. Dog showing training skills tricks. The training video is in Hindi with English Subtitles. Retriever training video. Labrador puppy doing […]

Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 2 Simple Steps!

Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 2 Simple Steps! Having a dog or a puppy that jumps up all the time can cause serious issues as it can knock people over and harm them so making sure your dog doesn’t jump up at people is important. With two simple steps this will allow […]


Youtube Pack! In this episode of Dog Psychology with Cesar Millan, I will be teaching you the best tool to use to teach your dog anything, the reference point! Using a reference point you will be able to give your dog a place where they feel safe, peace, and love. Whether it is 4th of […]