Dog Training Secrets Revealed

Take a look at the tips and secrets below to make your life a little easier and to ensure your dog is a happy dog.

Tip # 1: Train ASAP

o Begin training a dog immediately to help avoid the development of bad habits.

Tip # 2: Potty Train

o It's best to take your dog outside every few hours, especially after sleeping, eating and / or drinking.

Tip # 3: Commands

o Teach your dog to recognize its name and as you give commands, use the word no in a firm voice and give a physical sign such as waiving your finger side to side when your puppy does not obey. Remember to not loose your patience and never hit. Also to avoid confusion, ask all family members to use the same word and signal for each command as well as for discipline.

Tip # 4: Positive Reinforcement

o We all like to be appreciated for good behavior and the same goes for your dog so reward your dog with a treat immediately after it does something good like obeys a command. This will allow the dog to realize that the reward is an effect of it obeying you.

Tip # 5: Come

o In a fenced yard or a location where your dog will not be able to run off, kneel down, reach your arms towards your dog and loudly say your dogs name with the word come following. When your dog comes, give it a treat to use positive reinforcement as stated above. Increase the distance between you and your dog and repeat the command.

Tip # 6: Sit

o Use a treat to teach your dog to sit. Lift it as high as you can and firmly say sit. The dog will sit so that it can see the treat and then will associate the word sit with the treat you give it after it obeys your command to sit.

Tip # 7: Stay

o After you teach your dog to sit, next it to teach it to stay. Put your hand out flat towards the dogs face and say stay. Continue to hold you hand in the same position and say the word stay as you slowly move further away. If your dog obeys your command, give it a treat and praise or if your dog does not obey, start over and try again.

Tip # 8: Sociable

o Slowly introduce your dog to other animals and people to teach it how to bring around your family, friends and other pets.

o Leave your dog alone for short periods of time and slowly increase the time you are gone so that your dog can get used to being alone and not get sad and panic each time you leave.

Be consistent and repetitive in your training and discipline and you will help your dog understand what is good and bad. As long as you are patient and not willing to back down, you will end up with a happy dog ??who knows you are the boss making your life a little easier.

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