Dog Training Tips

Now that you have that cute pup that you have always wanted you have to decide how you are going to train it. A new pup can be very charming and lovable. With proper training methods you can teach him / her a lot of tricks such as fetching a stick or playing dead. The pup can guard your house and protect your young children. He / she can also guide your grandmother who is having problems with her eyesight. Dogs are considered as one of the smartest pets one can have. If you want to test your dogs limits when it comes to intellect and skills, then let a professional dog trainer do good job of training. However, if you will just have the right dose of patience and determination that a professional dog trainer has, you can teach your dog a lot of things and you can bring out the best of what your dog can ever be in no time. For the aspiring dog trainers, here are some good dog training tips:

Build a bond with your dog.

Spend time with your dog and create a familial bond with it. Ensure that he / she acknowledges you as his / her keeper. Show your love and concern for your dog so he / she can establish his love and loyalty for you as well. To make sure that he / she will obey you, you should talk, play with and offer trips to him / her. Show the dog that you are his / her caretaker and master. Remember no how bad a day you have your dog will always love you unconditionally. Love covers many training mistakes allowing you to correct them without long term consequences.

Use proper equipment.

Training your dog requires proper training materials. Prior to training, be sure that you have the right set of training equipment for the dog such as the right size of dog training harness, right kind of sticks or balls to fetch, right size of seesaw to balance on, and so on. Be sure that the materials you use do not have dangerous threats to the health and the welfare of your dog.

Be there for your dog.

Your dog needs guidance and it is your responsibility to provide him / her with such. When toilet training, be sure that you take him / her outside when you see the signs that of elimination. When you train him to do various tricks, do not leave him with the training tools and materials alone; teach your dog how to use them properly.

Praise and reward.

Whenever your dog does something good or if your dog responds properly to your training, give him a treat. You can take your dog to the park, lay with him / her, praise him, pat him / her, give your dog a cuddle, and / or provide dog treats such as biscuits or candies. Make all the training exercises fun and your dog will eagerly respond to your efforts.

Avoid punishments.

If your dog does something bad, if your dog does not respond to your training, or if your dog neglects what you have taught him, never hit your dog. You can talk to your dog, show him / her the tricks that you should have given him, and then tell him that what he / she did was wrong. But, you should not hit the dog because this can only establish fear and hate between the two of you. Never ever call a dog to you and severely discriminate it. This one mistake can ruin a relationship with your dog

Start the training immediately.

For obedience training, toilet training, crate use or attack training, such course should start the moment the dog is under your care. The earlier you start your training, the more receptive that your dog is.

If you employ these basic dog training tips you will find that training your dog will be a lot easier and will reduce the chance of serious mistakes that can ruin a good dog.

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Australian Cattle Dog

Dog Breed Name:

Australian cattle dog

Dog Type:

AKC herding

Breed Size:


Average Adult Height:

20 inches

Average Adult Weight:

35 lbs


The specie is easily available and can be found from Australia much easily.


The dog which came into existence in the early nineteenth century is regarded as a very powerful and an intelligent dog and has helped thousand of farmers in herding. He has a unique resemblance to the hyenas which is very interesting feature about this dog.

Short History:

In the early nineteenth century when the individuals started moving to the Australian continent and found the land fertile they moved their herd of sheep and decided to move in to Australia but the normal dogs that they had did little to control the herds and adjust to the Australian climate and therefore these people experimented by crossing the old collies with other dogs and this is how the Australian cattle dog was formed. Since last century the dog has been known for his contribution as a sheep dog.


The Australian cattle dogs have a very interesting body features. The face is normally round shaped and is somewhat muscular. The eyes are not widely open and are thin but very sharp. The front legs are straight when viewed from the front and the tail is long which reached the hock. The coat is double layered with a dense coat form the inside and a thick one from the outside.


The dog is known for its intelligence and its amazing skills to control the sheep. It is used for herding and also known for its muscular features and amazing intelligence. The dog is a very friendly dog and it can be easily trained provided that the owner has the temperament to control him and train him. They can be very successful as the guard dogs too and they can be very happy when in crowd. They need to be with the family and not left alone in the backyard. They are very happy to play with the children and should therefore be kept with the children. They can prove to be ferocious to people or dogs that they don’t know and therefore they should be socialized.

Common Ailments:

They are not very easy to handle and needs a lot of your attention. They are highly prone to hip dysplasia and to deafness. Deafness is their inherited disease and therefore they require regular checkups from the veterinary. If your dog becomes ferocious and shows some change in the behavior then you need to get him a check up for deafness.

Grooming/ Physical Needs

They do not require a lot of grooming since they are easy to handle and they can be easily groomed by brushing regularly and not much of the baths required. Since they are known as the cattle dogs therefore they require a lot of exercise. They should be taken on long walks and should also be let to run free in a wide area.

Special Abilities/Talents:

They are regarded as extremely excellent for herding but they can also prove to be very good guard dogs.

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Potty Train Dog – It Has to Be Done

Lets face it. Dogs are mammals just like humans. Their bodily functions are just as regular. Dogs must urinate and defecate often. It’s the rules of nature that dictate. And it is possible to “potty train dog”- (a bit of a euphemism).

So when you get a little puppy you had better get a plan. You can’t put a nappy on a dog. You could try of course but I reckon that within 20 seconds your nappy will be in tatters and your floor ruined.

If you get your puppy when it is a couple of weeks old and you have to bottle feed it then chances are you will be able to “potty train” your pride and joy within a very short time. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel yourself. Get all the help you can. You can buy a good guide that will tell you all about dog toilet training and much more about dog obedience for a few dollars. The investment will be well worth it.

My advice to anyone contemplating getting a puppy is to learn all you can about dog training and obedience well in advance so that when the big day arrives you can immediately put your plans into practice. This foresight on your part will make for a much happier relationship with your dog and a much happier household.

At the end of the day you only get results if you put in the effort. See my article on how to carry out dog toilet training in a very old fashioned way. You might be surprised with the results.

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Dog Training – After An Poop Accident

No matter how house trained your dog or puppy, they are bound to have an accident in your home at some point. Whether it be from holding it in for too long, eating something that sit well, or even from excitation (A dog that's holding in its urine has a very difficult time holding it in if it is excitedly running around your home).

But there is a correct way and an incorrect way to deal with an accident.

Popular opinion teachers you that the best way to teach your dog not to have an accident in your home is to hold its nose in it until it realizes that it should not have gone there. But in truth, this is the absolute worst thing you can do to a dog. Dogs are not people. No matter how smart they may be, they do not understand why you are holding their head in their own waste. But, because they are not stupid creatures, they are aware that you are doing it for a reason.

By holding a dog's head in its waste, you are teaching it that it did something wrong, but not what it did wrong or how to fix it. Dogs that are punished in this method tend to become afraid of their owners and sometimes afraid of even going to the bathroom at all, because they associate the smell of their own waste with punishment. Some dogs even beginning hiding from their owners before they go to the bathroom in order to avoid getting yelled at. If this happens to you, you may find some unfortunates "presents" in closets or behind chairs.

Similarly, if you notice that your dog has had an accident, but you were not witnessing it happen, it is already too late to punish your dog. Dogs only understand what has happened to them recently. Once the business has been completed, yelling at your dog will only make the dog feel it has been punished for whatever it just did (often times that includes running up to its owner, which can cause the dog to be scared to come to you) .

For dogs, rewards are always better then punishment, and the best way to train your dog out of leaving accidents in your house is to continue to reward it for going outside. And if this is a onetime affair, because your dog is generally well house trained, the best thing to do is ignore it completely and clean up the spot as well as you can in order to get out any trace of the smell.

However, if you insist on punishing your dog, you must do so while it is in the act of the accident. Punishing the dog while it is urinating on your wall or carpet is the only way your dog will realize that the punishment is for the accident, not for anything else. And never, ever call your dog over for the punishment. If you see your dog about to go on your carpet, run over to your dog and stop it there. Calling your dog over and punishment it will, again, cause the dog to associate the punishment being due to coming over to you, and not for the accident it just made.

If your dog is properly house trained, these accidents should be few and far between, and are best left ignored. However, if you notice a pattern and insist on punishing your dog or puppy, avoiding those common practices like holding its head in its waste can help make sure your dog does not feel it is being punished unfairly, and it will relearn to go outside soon enough.

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